Litttle Snitch 2.1.3リリース

エントリー「Little Snitch 2.1はご用心」の続きです。


日本語環境でインストールできないなどの問題を解決して、Little Snitch 2.1.3がリリースされました。一週間ほどで、ユーザの意見を汲み取ってリリースへこぎ着けるところはすばらしい。

**Little Snitch 2.1.3**

– Improved support for network user accounts.
– Improved “Back up Rules” functionality.
– Fixed an issue causing system freezes at login to network user accounts.
– Fixed a bug causing lots of mDNSResponder connection alerts.
– Fixed a rare crashing issue with the Little Snitch Installer.

**Little Snitch 2.1.1**

– Fixed a bug in “Restore Factory Rules” which led to an empty ruleset.

**Little Snitch 2.1.0**

– Added support for guest accounts.
– Improved Fast User Switching support.
– Global rules (computer wide rules valid for all users).
– Improved support for network user accounts.
– Improved support for virtual network interfaces.
– Fixed a bug when identifying JavaApplicationStub with 64-bit version of Java.
– Fixed a bug causing ntpd to show up as “sh” in Network Monitor.
– Fixed a bug causing a rule with unresolvable DNS name to block any connection.
– Improved uninstall procedure within Little Snitch Installer.



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