This auto-detect feature works through DNS. The browser looks for a host named “wpad” and if it exists, loads its settings by accessing a file named “wpad.dat” via HTTP. To use DNS-based WPAD with Safari on OS X, follow these steps:
– In Safari, choose Safari => Preferences
– Click on the Advanced icon
– Click on the Proxies ? Change Settings button
– In the Configure Proxies dropdown menu, select Using A PAC File
– In the PAC File URL field, enter http://wpad/wpad.dat
– Click on OK
– Click on Apply

(Via macosxhints.com – Use web proxy auto-discovery in Safari)

このWPAD (Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol – Wikipedia)を使ってみることにした。

追記 (2009-07-16T09:57:54+09:00): 延滞するようになったので使用をやめました。


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