Little Snitch 2.2

ファイアウォール・プロテクトソフトLittle Snitch 2.2がリリースされました。Snow Leopardへの最適化、64ビットカーネルのサポート、など。
– This version is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
– Support for 64-bit kernels has been added.
– Little Snitch’s Connection Alert displays more process attributes in detail view.
– Global rules (if enabled) can now be created directly from the Connection Alert.
– A factory rule for MobileMe has been added.
– Better support for Unix root user logging in at the Mac OS X login window.
– Network Monitor labels applications owned by other users with that user’s name.
– Network Monitor memory consumption has been reduced.
– Little Snitch Installer has been improved to cope with partially broken or modified Mac OS X installations.


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